Noteworthy Results

The below are a sample of some of the results obtained by Chad A. Bowers, Ltd. Many of the settlements have confidentiality provisions preventing disclosure of further details:

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Noteworthy Results

  • $32.0 Million Jury Verdict — Collected in full with interest from Defendant Goodyear Tire and Rubber as a result of defective product — Bahena v. Goodyear — Defective Products, Wrongful Death, and Catastrophic Injury
    • Rehearing Denied and Clarified — Civil Appeal Confirmed

  • $9.9 Million Judgment — Clergy Sexual Abuse

  • $2.9 Million Judgment — Automobile Accident and Wrongful Death

  • $1.1 Million Judgment — Automobile Accident with low property damage accident with prior diagnosis of similar symptoms

  • $900,000 Settlement — Motorcycle Accident with client's full recovery from injuries

  • Confidential Settlement — Claim by clergy abuse survivor against defendant and religious organization responsible for placing defendant in contact with survivor

  • Confidential Settlement — Taxicab passenger claim

  • Confidential Settlement — Claim brought by heirs of decedent resulting from scuba diving accident

  • Confidential Settlement — Slip and fall as a result of broken stairs

  • Six-Figure Settlement — Minor Dog Bite Victim

  • Successful litigation of RICO, fraud and related securities claims resulting in complete dismissal for clients

  • US v. Ronald Ruggles — Acquittal after multi-week trial

  • US v. Larry Cohen — Partial Acquittal after multi-week trial on appeal conviction vacated - client died of natural causes without serving a day in custody
    • 513 P.3d 1114 - Criminal Conviction Overturned

  • US v. Brian Keith Woods — 399 F.3d 1144 — Re sentencing ordered on technical issue of new evidence

  • US v. Wendy Kuang — 706 F.3d 965 — Restitution order vacated, remanded from re sentencing
    • Unpublished opinion September 2016 sentence and restitution vacated and remanded for additional proceedings

  • US v. Alvarez — Secured sentence of one year and a day for client in widely publicized HOA fraud scheme
  • Local counsel to various parties and entities including the Electronic Frontier Foundation in Righthaven copyright litigation/li>